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Real estate TC services are an essential part of the industry; streamlining the entire transaction process and making it more efficient. By providing a platform (usually email) where everyone involved, can interact and communicate with one another, real estate TC services make it easier and faster to complete a real estate transaction. Saving time and money!

Stop wasting time on paperwork and earn more money with us

It can be frustrating and not to mention incredibly limiting to manage multiple contracts at once. You’re handling all of the time-consuming work it takes to get to the closing table. At any rate, that will eat up a lot of your time day in and day out. Juggling all of it makes it difficult to focus on generating more leads, following up with those leads, holding more open houses, and therefore taking even longer to earn more money. But, here’s the thing – you’re tough, savvy, and smart. You can overcome all of those obstacles. 

Transaction Coordination

Whether you have one or multiple deals in the fire. You’re ready to change things and start profiting – like YESTERDAY!

Prelisting Coordination

If you’re not good at or simply don’t like the techy stuff (designing, social media, MLS) and you need help with getting your listings live – like ASAP!


 You’re not familiar with your broker requirements, getting the file turned in on time, and you don’t want to do any more paperwork – like EVER!

Agent Expectations

  • Review preliminary title report, escrow instructions, and settlement statements.
  • Negotiate repairs and any changes to the contract.
  • Advise client of any contingency timeline removals (we will remind all parties of the dates and timeframes in the introductory email).
  • If TC is drafting documents, the agent will review them before being sent to the client (if applicable).

We offer simple and straightforward pricing and
there is no cost to get started

Scheduling photos to getting your listing live on MLS and social media, we've got you covered

Prelisting Coordination

$ 197

Mutual acceptance to the closing of Escrow. All in all, we are here for you every step of the way

Transaction Coordination

$ 397

Preparing and submitting paperwork so you can maintain the highest level of compliance

Broker Compliance

$ 147

Need more than just TC services?

Here at SVS, we offer additional services for every stage of the realtor's journey.
Even more, we can create a custom package to meet your specific needs and budget.

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