Sumner Virtual Solutions

An independent transaction coordinating company you can trust

Transaction coordinator for overloaded real estate agents

Do you want to be more productive?

We help you close more deals FASTER!

You work hard to get your hands on quality leads. You are working around the clock getting ALL the things done and you don’t have time to waste! So why are you wasting your precious time chasing people and paperwork instead of focusing on what’s important? (ah-hem…your leads).

Who's the best? That's right. You are!

You need to be free to do the things you're AWESOME at.

Chasing leads is better than chasing paperwork. And there is a TON of it in a real estate transaction. Am I right? We’re here for you every single step of the way. From mutual acceptance to close of escrow. Our only mission is to help you close more deals each month by proactively and professionally managing everything and everyone throughout the buying and selling process so that you can focus on money-generating activities (like selling houses).

Our Specialties

what we do

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File Audit &
Broker Compliance


Opening Of Escrow

We will thoroughly review the contract, calendar all key dates and contingency deadlines, communicate with all parties, and prepare all necessary documents and disclosures.

During Escrow

We will continue to manage all parties by following up and sending reminders to ensure everything is completed correctly and on time.

Close Of Escrow

We will conduct a final audit of the transaction file before closing to ensure the file is complete, check documents against the broker checklist for compliance, and provide a digital copy (PDF) to the broker and clients.

Why choose us?


Claim your time back so you can focus on what you do best. Sell houses!


Establishes structure and productivity. Avoids confusion and delays. Better communication leads to better results.


Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Happy customers help you to build a better reputation.

About Me...

Hi~I’m Brittany! A transaction coordinator from Phoenix, Arizona! I love turtles, and romantic comedies, I’m OBSESSED with tiny house living and I have a passion for helping real estate agents with their contracts.  I’m an untiring pursuer of knowledge, an entrepreneur at heart, and it’s my ultimate core desire to help others.

What my happy clients are saying

I hired Brittany to do a couple of things. I am not a business owner but needed a few important things done. Brittany was easily the right person to go to. She finished all projects promptly and they were exactly what I wanted. I will be using her services in the future and recommending her to everyone I know that needs an assistant.
Sherrie Polk
Brittany thrives on seeing her clients excel in their business. She works quickly and efficiently with a positive attitude to go along with it. I am super impressed by her level of professionalism and recommend Sumner Virtual Solutions to help your business grow.
Jmichael kennamer
I have known Brittany for many years now and I have only good things to say about her. She was incredibly helpful to my accounting firm when I hired her for a data entry project. She got the job done and with absolute detail. She is effective and good at what she does. I recommend Sumner Virtual Solutions to those in need of business solutions.
alisha anderson